Ads Media Market ( AMM) Platform
Ad Media Market (AMM) Platform is an ads management system for advertisers and publishers. It features:
Seamless Matching of Supply and Demand
Professional technologies and user behaviors analysis enables the matching of supply and demand and satisfys  the need from media pulishers and advertisers/agents.
Deep Management of Ad Inventory
Overall management of ad-units on every media webpage realizes the transition from sales of Ad Units to Ad Inventory. Our ad format supports image, flash, video and text link and various formats and specs. This enables the complex and precise control of ad display and targeting of different audiences.
Precise Targeting of Audiences
Targeting and retargeting functions make it possible to automatically collect, classify, analyze, optimize, track the audiences  behavior data and deliver ads directionally and not to be felt as stalking, The behaviorial learning accumulates continuously so that we more user intent will be learnt. These functions also contribute to the generation of flexible, diverse analysis reports, the publishers’ perspective of audience behaviors and optimization of ads effect.
Data and Operation Analysis Reports
Detailed and timely reports are automatically created to help publishers to be fully aware of their state of operation and to provide basics for better decisions.